We asked our residents a question: “What would you tell others about the Gates to Success Program?” Here’s one of their answers:

What our customers are saying

The program gave me the opportunity to prove what I can do, how I can embrace my skills and prove my abilities that I do have. Gatewood gave me the opportunity to help others, as well as to see the growth in myself and that I can overcome without needing extra help. I am able to see that I am capable of being on my own and staying out of trouble.

- Former Jordan House and Current Gates to Success Resident

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GCH prides itself on servicing not only our youth as clients, but also our service providers and referral sources. Our most recent survey was conducted in August 2018. Of the feedback received from our referral sources, 100% reported satisfaction with GCH’s overall quality of services, including support services and program structure. Additionally, all sources reported satisfaction with GCH’s living arrangements for our youth.

Of all youth discharged from GTS during the 2018 fiscal year, the average length of stay has been 406 days. The average length of stay for youth with a goal of Independent Living in the Commonwealth of Virginia as of August 1, 2018 is approximately 485 days.

As a result of GCH’s commitment to education/vocation, 89% of the youth who discharged from GTS during FY 2018 obtained educational/vocational certifications.  

During fiscal year 2018, 100% of GTS youth gained employment and 88% of GTS youth maintained bank accounts. 50% of GTS youth obtained their Learner’s Permit/Driver’s License; and 42% owned vehicles.

GCH also conducts an annual employee satisfaction survey. One hundred percent of our employees reported job satisfaction expressing a clear understanding of their job responsibilities, as well as GCH’s mission and service goals. GCH staff are proud of the services and work provided to our clients. This satisfaction translates to the quality of service and dedication given to our clients on a daily basis.