Mommy and Me

A Gates to Success extension geared towards young mothers.

Preparing young mothers to be the best they can be…


The Gates to Success ILA program offers a specialized extension, The Mommy and Me program. This program provides young mothers with a larger two bedroom apartment allowing for separate sleeping quarters and personal spaces. In addition to the services offered to residents in the traditional GTS IL Apartment Program, Mommy and Me participants receive services geared toward assisting the mother with parenting the child. 

Services provided to Mommy & Me participants:


  • Monitoring Attachments

  • Connections to Childcare and Prenatal Services

  • Access to Parenting Resources

  • Support with Visitation Arrangement for Children

  • Parent/Coaching Behavior Modeling

  • A Dependent Care Allowance

  • Safety and Child-proofing Standards in Place

  • Special Equipment and Furnishings for Children

  • Assigned Separate Resource Case Manager


Quintasha Brown

Executive Director and Program Manager

Whitney Wilson

Resident Placement Supervisor

Darrell Long


Kendra Parker


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