Jordan House Group Home

A caring family with open arms.

Family Oriented, Compassionate Care…


Youth will experience caring, highly trained and compassionate team members. Our licensed clinicians strive to foster a safe and structured, yet family-oriented environment. Top priority at Jordan House is ensuring that each youth recieves personalized love and care that fosters their growth. Jordan House staff are on a mission to educate youth to lead meaningful lives. This is achieved through firm, yet compassionate and consistent care.


Experience in managing the following:


• Behavior Disorders

• Delinquency

• Dysfunctional Family Relations

• Learning/Developmental Disorders

• Poor Academic Performace

• Physical/Emotional Abuse or Neglect

• Parental Substance Abuse

• Sexual Abuse

• Runaways


Michelle Morris-Plaza

Special Projects Manager and Director of Residential Life

Andrea Davis

Clinical Director

Rosa Dornes

Resident Manager

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